Littler Dogs and Photography

Mr Peanut drive school busLittler Dogs and Photography go together like french fries and ketchup

When you have the world’s most adorable dogs times three it makes it very easy to want to take loads of pictures of your pup pack. Imagine that multiplied by up to 7 times more dogs at a dog meetup and you have a situation of Photography Nirvana.

We try to have a monthly meetup in the warmer weather but some years we have had weekly mini meetups ( limited to 6 or less members and their dogs.)  Many of our members have 2 dogs and some have 3 or more dogs. We have had up to 21 dogs attend the meetups!

It is just too easy to take a hundred pictures…which makes editing and keeping track of the pictures a real challenge. I plan to post tips and tricks to use to get the best possible pictures and ways to edit and organize those pictures.  I easily have 6 thousand pictures but I am (usually) able to find the perfect picture to add to a scrapbook.

Looking forward to sharing!


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