No I’m not a Poodle

We Bichon People are a little Poodle Prejudiced

There is a website called which I discovered about 9 years ago. I believe it belongs to someone connected to the Tidewater Bichon Rescue in Virginia,  Which is a wonderful Bichon Rescue Group.

I found this adorable pin from

I am not a poodle
Handsome Bichon

Angel has what I call a homespun soup bowl Bichon puppy cut that I do every month. I put a sheet on my bed and turn on the TV. Next I get Angel to lie on my bed. Rarely do I use clippers, instead I use scissors and I clip whatever part of Angel’s body is currently facing me. She gets almost all areas of her body trimmed, becauses he can gets very restless and turns over a lot. She also gets up, walks to the end of the bed and turns around. Then I can choose  to scissors either her the front (head) or the rear (tail) end of her body. To get her ticklish belly done takes extra special patience. With much coaxing and many treats, eventually I get the deed done.

The haircut takes approximately 2 days.  Angel is 13 years old, and a little arthritic. She often doesn’t feel comfortable enough to stay on the bed till the haircut is completed. I promise you that I do absolutely the best Bichon haircut that I am able to. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve gotten pretty good.

But when strangers come to pet and admire Angel they often ask “Is your dog a Poodle?” My goto answer is “No she’s not a Poodle, she’s a Bichon with a bad haircut.”


Bichon: Angel

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