Denver Pet Expo – Bring your Pet


Angel my 13 year old Bichon and I went to Denver and with thousands of others, attended the 2016 annual Denver Pet Expo. There were not only a slew of dogs available for adoption but also, to list a few activities,  a free dog agility course, a barn hunt sans the barn, ask a Vet and other animal experts available for advice. We got pictures taken and shopped for dog items, with Angel there to test them out;  of which I bought, with remarkable self control very little.  Last but not least there many butts sniffed (by Angel, not me)

It was a great experience and Angel had a very special day. There were enormous dogs, teeny tinydogs, as was expected, but, this was a PET EXPO, not just a Dog Expo. Not only was there a slew of dogs of many breeds, we saw huge snakes, lizards and birds

Some dogs were cattle dogs, herding dogs, toy sized frilly dogs in dresses, and so on and so on. What really struck me was that not once,  even though there was a boy walking around with a snake wrapped his neck and a lizard on someone’s hand, did I personally see any aggression or dog fights.

I did hear of a homeless rescue dog (Chihuahua) that snarled and then was immediately put in a very, very long time-out in his crate. I will not to mention any dog names, but this little Chi had been extremely abused; was a one-eyed institutionalized little fellow who has come a very, very long way.

Angel & I were there for 5 fun filled hours. She eventually got tired of walking so she rested for awhile in a dog stroller that I had brought. I loved that I didn’t even think about this until today,  4 days later…How many people would you think would panic at seeing a young boy walking around the Merchandise Mart with a very large snake wrapped his neck…Angel seemed to think it was perfectly normal.  Of course, she doesn’t get out very much!


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