What is the Littler Dog Site About?

Hope you enjoy this website. For so many years I have enjoyed combing the web to educate myself on all aspects of dogs. I don’t find much written specifically about the littler breed dogs.

I specialize in small dog socialization. I have organized small dog play groups since 2006. I’ve noticed that many dog parks have a separate space designated for small breed dogs. Problem was that whenever I would take my 10 lb Bichon, Angel, we would be the only ones in the small dog park. My solution was to coordinate and organize a group of peeps and pups that were looking to meet other peeps and pups for small dog play.

I will be posting pictures from our meetups. I will also scour the internet and will be posting what I call  “My favorite Dog Posts.” You will find writings about dog health, dog training, dog socialization, dog rescue, dog nutrition, dog gear,  dog breeds,  dog grooming, canine cartoons, silly animal antics, etc, etc, etc. I am including posts from multiple authors, who I thank and credit for their contributions.

Because there is so little written about small dogs specifically, much of what I post will be geared toward all canines. I also would like to post my own articles that will be mostly about small breed dogs and especially the Adventures of my Three LIttle Dogs,  Angel my 13 year old, 11 lb Bichon; Alma Joy, a 3-year-old, 9 lb Havanese Mix and finally the newest member of our family, Mr Peanut, the 4 lb, 4-year-old Chihuahua juvenile delinquent.

Hope you enjoy this blog. If I have re-posted your articles, thank you so much. I’ve learned so much from you all!!!

Nancy@Littler Dogs

3 little dogs on green chair


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