Day 1: Snippets of a Amateur Dog Groomer

Alma Joy Before Haircut



Alma's new Haircut Aug 2016
Alma Joy After Almost Finished Haircut

Alma Joy's Back New Haircut

Why One Snip is Never Enough: 

Angel says ” I want to be home groomed.”

Part One:

I used to have an amazing dog groomer. For anonymity sake I will call this grooming salon Fluff Busters and the groomer Pammy.

Currently the going rate for dog grooming a Bichon is about $50 to $60 with several groomers charging $75. Ten years ago Pammy was my go to dog groomer; she did tip to tails for $35 with all kinds of free extra services and gifts. Pammy loved  Angel and visa versa. Pammy even offered free dog sitting at her shop. Several times I got stopped on the street and was asked where I had Angel groomed.

This wonderful good hearted lady was so kind that when neighbor was having money problems added  him to her business as a dog groomer in training. Soon after, I noticed a change in Angel. Angel stopped wanting to go to the groomer and came home shaky and anxious.

It was then that I started grooming Angel at home.  Bathing was easy, breezy, I did it in the kitchen sink. Slowly I added more and more tools of the trade. Angel has a typical Bichon curly coat. Thank goodness cutting curly hair is much easier than straight dog fur. I could hide my little bloopers easily.  Little by little I became more adept at a simple pet cut. Angel and I were both happy. She didn’t have to go to the groomer and I saved $35.

Now I have 2 dogs needing monthly haircuts and I have been on the lookout for an alternative to me doing the grooming.  I will be posting some stories about my new journey of finding a new dog groomer and how I am helping Angel and Alma Joy to feel more comfortable with whole grooming magilla.


Written by: The Perpetual Dog Groomer Nancy @Littler Dogs

….to be continued


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