For Years I enjoyed reading newsletters written by Sharda Baker Having a Bichon Frise for the last 10 years I have logged countless grooming hours of hair brushing, weekly bathing, and touch ups,
For most of the last 10 years I have done 100% of the haircuts on Angel, my Bichon and also for my Havanese/Maltese, Alma Joy.
Sharda Baker has a great tips of not only dog grooming, but also training and housebreaking.
Here is a beginning dog grooming
It was Sharda’s newletter that gave me the confidence to groom dogs.
Sharda Baker <> via 
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In new windowPet Grooming Tips – How Overcome Resistance!
 Hi and welcome everyone!
This is Sharda with a wonderful newsletter
about dog grooming.
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Never start pet grooming with an hour long
session that touches every single square inch
of his or her body.
This is a sure fire way to put your dog off dog
grooming for life. Not only will it scare your
dog to death but it will also make your life
much harder in the coming years.
Instead, you should start off grooming for
five minutes and work your way up to as
long as your dog feels comfortable with.

I hope that you learn a lot from today’s
newsletter update.
All the best and take care
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