To our Little Bailey-The Bold & Beautiful From your ever loving fan club

IMG_2912Story of a littler dog and her recovery…

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey….Where do we begin. Let’s begin by talking about Small Dog Meetups. My friend, Jana and I coordinated 2 Small Dog Meetups. I live in Boulder County, she lives the next County over.  Jana found a great location for indoor meetups which meets months that the weather is mucky, yucky and sucky.  I have meetups in backyards that are extremely dog friendly and designed for an easy meetup place.

About six months ago a new member came to a meetup for the first time, carrying a tiny, 6 lb, 9 year old beautiful female Terrier mix named Bailey. We were told that this friendly, little power house was in need of new home.

Jana instantly fell in love with Bailey.  Bailey was desperately in need of major dental work, many extractions and a deep cleaning. The previous owner arranged at a mountain vet clinic for the work to be done and other than that, we were hoping that Bailey would be all set medically.

Well…that didn’t quite happen…Bailey was in obvious pain and would even scream out at times. She was diagnosed as in of need ACL surgery on both her legs. Even with the help of Planned Pethood (Animal Channel TV show on Animal Planet) for an enormously discounted fee it still would take thousands of dollars to pay for this needed surgery.

Jana organized an amazing Bingo Fundraiser Event. She worked for months to find great Bingo prizes and found a location to hold the event. She raised over $2k towards Bailey’s vet bills.

The recuperation was heartbreaking, Bailey needed to have almost no activity for months and needed to be carried and she also had the cone of shame on his little neck for weeks. Jana carried and nursed Bailey back to health.

We hoped that Bailey would have a break from pain and be back on his 4 legs…but another problem arose.  Bailey developed a cloudy eye and was obviously in need of antibiotics. Jana had been told it was probably cataracts. Jana followed the Vet’s advice though it seemed to be getting better, it soon became an even bigger problem. The Vet looked at Bailey’s right eye after the antibiotic treatment was finished and found the problem was Gloucoma. By now the optic nerve had withered and the eye was not only not seeing, but would pose an dangerous, ongoing problem for little Bailey.

The next step of treatment would entail having another major surgery to remove the diseased eye. OH GOODNESS.. COULD ANYTHING BE WORSE. The answer was yes, deciding not to do the surgery because not only would Bailey not see but would be open to more infections.

Heartbreaking as it was, the surgery was done and Bailey’s little head was shaved and she looked like a soldier after losing a major battle.

A few weeks have passed and for the second time in 3 months the dreaded cone finally came off.

Bailey was now well enough to come visit us and spend some outdoor time with my crew. Bailey has a beautiful gray and silver coat with a black mask like a racoon. I looked at her face while she strolled in the sunshine and couldn’t hardly even see that she was missing a most important facial feature.

I was so thrilled to see how well she was doing.  I took her picture. Bailey is still getting the hang of exploring new terrain, but back home she is confident and skillfully navigates her terrain. She makes it look easy breezy.

The point of this post? That’s easy, if we are willing to do what needs to be done to procure the quality of your animal’s life…the rewards are priceless. Hurray for Bailey our priceless bundle of joy. Eye’s all for you.


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