Angel the Little Darling of Naughtiness

a Angel panting with jacket_edited-1Who wouldn’t assume that my darling Angelic Angel-Faced little doggy girl is the best behaved little Bichon Frise on this Blue Planet? Unfortunately I do not have the time or disk space to let you know all the crazy things she is doing in her old age of now 13 years. But since I am writing this blog I will give you a recent example to her non-angelic behavior.

If you are not familiar with the Bichon Frise dog breed, one of their attributes is having what I call having wrists.  Their paws are more like cats than the typical dog. Bichons have a joint on their paws which bends to make it easier for them to manipulate things.  It is sort of the advantage similar to people having thumbs vs other mammals who don’t.  As I have written before, Angel seems to have immeasurable intelligence and problem solving skills. One of Angel’s recently learned skills is learning how to unscrew the lid off of jars.  This latest incident involves a gallon sized jar of dog food that I had left on the kitchen table.

Thank goodness the jar was almost empty because my little Angel served herself and her little sis and bro their dinner a few hours early. This happened before I returned home and was able to do it myself.  I have to say that as punishment for this crime I  sent the pack to bed without their supper…. Even though Angel is smart, I don’t think she really understood what I saying to her when I told her this, and if she did she didn’t care and besides I’m sure she wasn’t very hungry.

A eyhow this little dexterious

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