Littler Dog Meetups 101 part 1

Lots of Littler Dogs @ Small Dog Park
Lots of Littler Dogs @ Small Dog Park

The need for small dog play groups…

Small dog playgroups have been one of my favorite ways to socialize my 3 little dogs.

After  adopting Angel my then 2 1/2 yr old bichon, I found that though Angel loved all people, other dogs scared her. I went to many small dog parks in different cities and found that Angel was the lone small dog.

The larger dogs looked like they were having a great time. It felt like Angel & I were alone in the separated small dog park because we had been naughty and put in time out.

The small dog park area was really used. Other small breed dogs and their people over time gave up going to the small dog park,  it wasn’t all that much fun being alone. There had to be another choice. I figured if I started my own  small dogs play group,  it would help not only us but would help  other small breed dogs.

My hope was that if people knew where and when other small dogs would be playing, the small dog park could get a regular crew of pups in the small dog park.

I was happy to provide an avenue for others and it opened up a great opportunity for not only Angel to meet awesome dogs and their people, but I met some very pretty great folks and their little dogs.


  1. C-La

    That is a wonderful idea. I wish there was a small dog group around here. Perhaps I can organize a play group around my area. We have a weekly leash walk for little dogs called “wee walkers” but it isn’t the same when they get to run and play together off leash.

    Great job getting everyone together. 🙂


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