Three Dog Nights with Mr Peanut

When growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I knew only one family who had more than one dog. The Katz family down the street had 2 beautiful Irish Setters, but those dogs lived outside large pen.

In the past I thought it impossible for me to own more than one dog.  Since I now have three little dogs, I obviously have had a change of heart. Why did I change my mind? Angel is a very quiet and serious little dog. When I first got her from the Humane Society I found that she was frightened by other dogs, both big and small. That is why I first started a Small Dog Meetup in Boulder, CO. Angel also had a huge case of separation anxiety and got very manic and destructive if crated or was left alone.

I went to the experts for advice on how to deal with Angel’s issues. It was suggested to me that getting a male dog would be a way to help Angel deal with her separation anxiety.

I ended up choosing a female dog, Alma Joy, a then 4 month old Havanese mix. I don’t think Angel was in love with Alma Joy but it instantly helped her because she no longer was all alone in the house.

Why Mr Peanut…Since Alma was a young dog and Angel rarely played with her, I had the brilliant idea of fostering a small chihuahua which would mean

Mr Peanut with Scarf
Mr Peanut with Scarf

In retrospect, I had one dog, but felt that dog needed a second dog to keep her company, then 2 years later I got a third dog to keep the second dog company. But thank god I am not a dog hoarder, because my quiver is full and I am very happy with having Three Dog Nights.

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