Alma Joy the Joy

fav%2520Alma%2520Cutie%2520Sue%2527s%2520tongue%2520out%2520blur%2520Girl%2520BoyAlma Joy is a 9 lb Havanese Maltese Mix. She is a beautiful soul in a beautiful body and she seems to know it. She has never met anyone she didn’t like and has a smiley face that is a heart breaker.

She has an interesting story of how she came to me. I was looking for a small breed dog for about a year. I had a very definite idea of what type of dog I wanted and spent a great deal of time going to shelters, calling breeders, talking to rescues and look at ads.

I visited numerous dogs and was getting very frustrated. I knew I did not want adopt from a pet store or get a dog from a puppy mill. I had found Angel, my 12 year old Bichon Frise at the Humane Society. She was a 2 year old, pure bred Bichon that was already potty trained and well behaved. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to find another dog that I felt I had a connection to.

I think the answer was because the right dog was not yet available to adopt. One day I was looking through ads for the umpteenth time and decided to google Maltese (a breed that I had not considered up to now.)

I found an ad for a Maltese Havanese (unfortunately know as a Have-a-Malt) puppy. This dog was 4 months old and living with the grandmother of the original owner.

In researching Alma’s background I found out she originally came from a breeder in Nebraska. I can only assume it was a puppy mill, was then sold to a broker, who had her for couple of weeks, she was then sold to a pet store in Denver. A young woman bought 2 little dogs at the pet store. She brought them home and realized after a couple of weeks that her enormous Pit Bull wanted to eat both the little puppies. Sadly we decided she had to rehome the 2 dogs and gave them to her grandmother. Grandma had the little girls for 2 weeks while the family tried to find found new homes for Alma Joy and her sister.

Believe it or not, nobody answered her ad before I did. This baby girl was the most beautiful and sweet natured ball of silky fluff. The kind woman sold her to me for half she paid to the pet store, less than the price I would give to the Humane Society to adopt a dog. I ended up paying her more than she asked for.

I guess it was just meant to be. So I ended up with a used mixed breed dog (a mutt) from a puppy mill and who was sold at a pet store. In other words I rescued a designer dog from a very hard life who had been

Alma Joy the Joy
Alma Joy the Joy

bounced around for the first months of her life.

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