Introducing /Angel the Genius

a Angel panting with jacket_edited-1Angel the 12 year old Bichon. Is a dog genius. I mean it when I say a true dog genius. I would know this because I actually know people geniuses and I am told my family is more than above averagely intelligent. So believe me, except on Utube I have not seen a dog with abilities like Angel.

I will give only one example of why I think Angel is so smart. My dog can actually talk. I would not say she was a brilliant conversationalist, but she does say one word. She says the word “out” and knows what it means and works very hard to enunciate it by putting her head way back and says a very guttural but very understandable “out.”

She uses this word when she wants to go out in the morning to do her business and I do not necessarily want to get out of bed. By the time I get to the bathroom to get my day started Angel is at my foot, looking up at me pitifully and does her most mournful “out.”

Why  do I think she is a genius. Because she says the word and I get going and rush to the back door, open it and out she goes. Angel is a true communicator.

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