Littler Dogs Making Friends

This is the first entry for the blog: Littler Dogs

So many Books, Magazines, Blogs are written about dogs, but all dogs are not the same. Even though different breeds have very different temperaments, I am addressing the many common needs of the small and smallest breed dogs.

Just by size, the abilities of small breed dogs are very different than larger breed dogs. You would never see a chihuahua pulling a sled in Alaska and you would never see a Saint Bernard being carried on a shopping trip in a sherpa bag.

My home has been home to many different dogs, some rescued, some fostered, some that were rehomed. The majority of the dogs were under 10 lbs. For reasons I am not even sure why, I have had my home most inhabited by small white dogs many of a similar breed. I currently have 3 little dogs in my home. Angel is 12 years old Bichon Frise, Alma Joy is a 9 lb white Havanese and Mr Peanut is a 4 lb white chihuahua.

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